TRYGG Collective wants to establish a trusted co-packing solution for cannabis micro-cultivators bringing their products to market. 

Founded in early 2022, the collective was started with the idea of creating more packaging and processing options for Canada’s small, craft cannabis growers, rather than them needing to rely on a handful of larger LPs.

“Our mission is to empower cannabis enterprises by finding common ground in our shared evolution, whatever their size, scale and relationship to this complex and wonderful plant,” explains TRYGG Collective’s CEO Fabrizio Rossi.

Rossi and his team have a long history of working within the legal cannabis industry in Canada, which has helped them understand the needs of the industry and identify the current gaps, especially for craft and micro cultivators.

The TRYGG Collective team has over 50 years of knowledge and partnership experience within the cannabis, pharmaceutical and CPG industries, ranging from sales and marketing to distribution and supply chain logistics and regulatory backgrounds.

These years of experience in the logistics of cannabis and other regulated markets gives them an edge in representing micro-cultivators with the provincial governments, he notes. 

“Our experience in the consolidation of the cannabis industry as a whole has given our leadership team a unique perspective,” continues Rossi. “We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and we know that we’ll be providing an exceptional service that offers better value for our client brands.”

“We take care of our customers’ products like they’re our own. Because they are. Your brand is valuable. Make sure you get the recognition you deserve.”

TRYGG Collective offers co-packing services that protect the integrity of craft cannabis products, with no hidden fees or services. From the first point of contact, the co-packer’s services can include assessment, analytical testing, packaging and distribution. Rossi says they take pride in being responsive to clients’ needs, working with cultivators in whatever capacity they require while making sure to account for every dollar they spend.

“We understand that — for micro-cultivators in particular — trusting us with your harvest is a big financial commitment. We take that responsibility seriously and we are very transparent with our process and fees.” 

Although micro-cultivators are an integral part of the cannabis ecosystem, argues Rossi, current packaging arrangements decidedly favour larger players with their opaque processes. 

“TRYGG Collective prides itself on transparency from beginning to end. Our clients know what they’re paying for every step of the way. Our regulatory team understands the importance of compliance, providing expert QAP support to help smaller growers navigate the legal landscape around cannabis packaging and distribution. 

“We believe that co-packers should treat their client brands as partners and vice-versa.”

As the cannabis industry in Canada continues to evolve, Rossi says he sees micro and craft growers having more of an opportunity to make their mark and thrive—something he and his team hope to assist with. 

“Over the next few years, we think we can reasonably expect to see more consolidation as the sector settles and matures. That said, consolidation doesn’t mean stagnation. As will happen in almost any product category, cannabis has been on retail shelves for long enough now that consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which leads us to believe that the more artisanal cannabis micro-cultivators with unique offerings are due for their day in the sun. Bring on the craft.”

“What it boils down to is that we see how the industry is evolving and we want to make sure that the opportunities we’re helping to create are there for legacy growers and new cultivators at the micro-level, who might not have had access to some of the same options as the larger LPs in the past.”

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